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Office Move Checklist

Are you ready for the next major business move?

Every office move is unique, and each one will have different timescales, creating headaches for those who have to plan all the details for a successful move. Fortunately, our Office Move Check List enables you to identify all of the key “must-do” items involved and tells you when to do them. It also builds the required amount of time for contract negotiation. The timelines are calculated backwards from the date of your office move, and highlights the key strategic & operational decisions that must be taken at the start of the office relocation planning process and raises important concerns that need to be considered to enable you to create a accurate and efficient Moving Office Plan specific to your business.

IT & Telecommunications Relocation Bottom Line

Your business communications infrastructure is a vital part of your business. If your computers aren’t working and your phones not ringing – then you can’t operate, and if your business can’t operate then it is losing money.

Experience shows that all too often, companies make the same mistakes when relocating. They totally underestimate what is involved in organizing an office move. But if you know, at the outset, what these mistakes are, your office relocation will have a much greater chance of being executed on time, to budget and delivered with minimum risk and downtime.

Choosing to use the vital Office Move Check List will help you manage your office move from start to finish and ensure that the office relocation project goes efficiently. Simply fill out the information, and you will receive a call from our move specialist who will ensure you have considered every step required to make your office move a success, while minimizing downtime of IT and Telecommunications systems.

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