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James Tetts


Empolyee Name: Jamie Tetts

Telecommunications Experience: 30 Years

Years at SJS Communications: 10

Why did you choose to work at SJS Communications? To show care and concern to clients when an industry was failing to do so. I started SJS Communications to provide service to those companies that could not get timely and reasonable service from their vendors. I found that most of the vendors providing telecommunications services really only cared about making sales, and not building long term relationships with their clients, or giving good timely service without gouging the client.

Hobbies, Activities, things enjoyed outside of the office: Spending time with my family and friends, cooking out, riding motorcycles, and playing poker

Favorite Actor: Sam Elliott

Favorite Saying or Quote: There is always a way

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Big Wheel

What food will you never eat? Sushi