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Are You Prepared to Achieve Technology Excellence in 2017?

By Laura Armbruster on December 13, 2016 in Customer Service, Hosted VoIP, Phone Systems

Did you know…

  • 47% of companies haven’t started to embark on a digital transformation?
  • Only 11% of companies assess their digital strategies as “excellent?”
  • Over half (52%) of senior executives cite a lack of familiarity with technology causing a barrier to digital transformation?
  • Digital transformation is expected to boost the bottom line by more than 50% for some companies over the next five years?

Statistics like these are difficult to ignore. Yet many small to medium sized businesses will limp along with business telecommunications services and technology “as long as it works.” But is it working?

Capgemini and others have predicted some major disruptions that will impact the telecom industry, and your business, by 2020. These include:

  • Internet of Things – there will continue to be more data sources that impact your data, telecommunications and IT strategy due to the extreme volumes of data your company will need to manage.
  • Mobility – it seems as though mobile could not go any further, and yet mobile connectivity is outpacing fixed line connectivity. This impacts businesses simply because the workforce will be using mobile almost exclusively, eliminating land lines and therefore requiring a strong BYOD strategy, particularly for remote workers, seasonal workforces, and contact centers.
  • Security – a never-ending conversation, security and the continued threats that impact business will become a larger part of a business strategy, particularly in light of BYOD and the IoT trend.

When it comes to ensuring that you are prepared to take 2017 by storm, there are three primary areas from a business telecommunication service standpoint you will want to consider:

  • Upgrading your phone system, and other communication assets

Spending money to upgrade your systems may seem contrary but it can actually help you with all areas of your business.  For example, if your phone system is slow and cannot take all calls coming in and /or provide enough lines for your employees, you are missing important calls and business opportunities.

Upgrading your phone system does not necessarily mean you have to buy a new system.  Our team can meet with you and get the details on your needs and provide you with all options you have that will fit best for your business.

  • Revisit your phone provider service

If it has been a while since you have really looked at your provider service, you need to review it.  Providers are always having deals and new plans and new opportunities to change or move to.   Often you will be able to make changes for the better on your side and save more money each month.

  • Go digital

Going as digital as possible is the direction the world is heading.  It is more profitable to use less paper, printers and ink.  The goal for many years has been to develop a society and business methodology that relies less on paper. This is both environmentally friendly and mobile friendly, an import aspect of ensuring your organization will continue to grow.

Today’s business environment requires rapid response times, online capabilities to share documentation, and strong digital assets. Your telecommunications systems must support these efforts in order to maximize your business efficiency.

These simple, yet important, initiatives will ensure that you are prepared to achieve technology, and business, excellence in 2017. When considering next steps, our team is prepared to partner with you to ensure you get the right business telecommunication systems and services, while providing our Total Customer Commitment of excellent service. We will complete a free survey and put together options that are strategically put together just to fit your company to optimize your business. Contact us today and let’s make 2017 your best year yet!

*statistics published by Jake Hird a leading Strategy Consultant*


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