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Moving Offices Should Not Become a Horror Story

By Laura Armbruster on August 18, 2016 in Customer Service, Phone Systems

Moving. It’s way up there in things that disrupt your office, particularly productivity. And that’s if the move goes smoothly. If it doesn’t, well it can quickly turn into a horror story. Like having the landlord tell you that you must vacate your space early. Or getting to your new location and having it flooded so you cannot move in. Or having your existing telecom provider tell you at the last minute you won’t have phones and internet connectivity in your new space. It’s enough to make you never want to move

Whether you need to increase your office space because of rapid growth, or are downsizing to accommodate a new telecommuting strategy, moves take months of planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. So where do you find that partner who can help you plan the details for practically every aspect, month over month?

Not where you might think!

Is Your Business Phone System Provider Your Move Guru?

Managing the logistics of an office move is a huge responsibility, particularly when you throw in the details of moving IT & Telecommunications. After all, moving this equipment is not as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting your computers and telephones, so this aspect of your office relocation is best handled by a specialist. And that specialist should understand the majority of aspects of your move, including cube build-outs, special technology needs, and even the basics of the overall move. Why?

The most successful office relocation happens when your IT/Telecom Solution Providers are engaged 90-120 days prior to the office move. If there is a substantial office build-out involved, 180 days is appropriate. If you think about how integrated technology and telecom are in your organization, it is imperative to have someone with the right experience to ensure that all aspects are covered, particularly your IT and telecom. After all, having multiple move providers with no one really understanding the overall plans of the move can end badly.

When moving, you want it to be a strategically thought-out event, so ensuring that your IT/Telecom Solution Provider considers both existing and future needs will support you for a longer term. These include:

  • Has your business outgrown your existing phone system and does it provide for business evolution (think 3-5 years ahead)?
  • Is your telecom service provider meeting your expectations in terms of cost and service standard?
  • Would your new office benefit from a wireless broadband connection?
  • Is your cabling infrastructure suitable for your new office?
  • Do you require additional phone lines?
  • Can you take your phone number with you when you move office?
  • If you are relocating servers, you will need to evaluate server room requirements (air conditioning, size and cabling).

Business communications infrastructure (servers, computers, phones, copiers, faxes, printers etc.) are crucial to your company being able to operate, so they must be part of the overall plan. Furthermore, safely relocating IT and communication systems (along with the circuits and services that allow them to function) can be the most challenging part of any office relocation. For example, carriers are notorious for missing due dates. One slip and your firm can be off the air – and out of business – for days or weeks. Working closely with the right IT/Telecom solutions provider will go a long way to prevent these types of delays.

SJS Communications recently performed several services to set up our new office. We are located off of the Dallas Tollway in a seven-story building where we occupy three different floors. We have over 120 phones and computers. SJS terminated, tested and labeled all 400 cables. They rebuilt our phone and data cabling system so it is now easy for us to move or relocate our own phones. Their work made our move almost effortless and there were no hiccups in their responsibilities.

I highly recommend SJS Communications and would not think twice about using them again. In fact, they have become our regular service provider for remote issues.” ~Kathy McBride, Special Projects/Move Manager, Gerdes, Henrichson & Associates

Make Your Next Move Worry-Free

On the first morning in your new office, all of your information and communications systems must be completely functional! Phones, databases, internet, mail, and video conferencing are critical resources that should be ready to go, so all you have to worry about is whether or not you have coffee!

If you are considering a move, remember that this is the ideal time to upgrade your business communications and review/switch telecom service providers. The right IT & Telecommunications Solution Provider will be able to make a qualified assessment of your current business phone system and recommend valuable upgrades that could save your company money and help increase business efficiency. That assessment should be a robust, customized plan that encompasses all aspects of your move.

At SJS Communications, we provide a specialized planning session that ensures our clients’ moves are as smooth and stress free as possible. Contact us today to get your specialized move plan and let us partner with you for a successful business move!


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