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Total Commitment Saves the Day

By Laura Armbruster on July 19, 2016 in Customer Service, Hosted VoIP

agent-18707_1280When you think of the word hero, many images leap to mind – comic book heroes, police and firefighters, a teacher or relative. However, it does not typically bring to mind your telecommunications provider – unless you are Michelle Macdowell, CFO of Criado & Associates, a full-service minority and woman-owned civil engineering and land surveying firm.

Michelle was in charge of an office move for her rapidly growing company. Having grown from 18 people to almost 40 in three years meant a need to adjust their existing phone system, and move to a new, larger location.

“We had Polycom phones but needed something that was easier to implement and adjust while also providing us with a cost savings,” said Michelle. “Randy Miears contacted me with an opportunity to consider a hosted solution, so we started discussions.”

Michelle loved the responsiveness she got from the SJS Communications team, including Randy Miears, sales director, and Jamie Tetts, founder.

“I really made them work. We requested a proposal for phones, paging and surveillance, and each time I asked for edits, they were returned the next day or sooner,” said Michelle. “In addition, they provided us with a two-week demo period so we could really try out the system.”

Michelle thought this was a normal negotiation process, and that soon she would be rid of her existing provider, who in her words “did not provide good service.” Then, everything went pear-shaped.

The Ugly Truth about Telecom Companies & Customer Service

Michelle knew she had a lot to accomplish to ensure the office move was managed without issue, so she made the decision to not change her phone provider until after the move. Until her existing provider made that decision for her.

“Seven days before the move date, the provider informed me they could not provide data in the new building. This is after they confirmed with me repeatedly they could and it would be no problem,” said Michelle. “I’ve dealt with a lot of stress in my career, but this was the most stressful!”

Michelle was unfamiliar with what it took to get fiber to an office suite, except that it required a minimum of 10 days even when elevated to emergency status.

“I called Randy in a panic not sure what to do. He and Jeremy with Logix committed to meeting with me at 8:30 AM the next day to discuss options,” said Michelle. “They showed up, on time, assured me they could get the data to the suite and SJS would get the phones transferred and have working phones when we moved.”

Michelle knew that data lines were critical. As an engineering firm, the engineers regularly use internet based software, which meant days of lost productivity without data lines.

“I was going to have an office full of people that could not work and I was responsible,” said Michelle. “Randy and Jeremy, they are my heroes. They made it all happen in less than seven days.”

Michelle took the opportunity to exit the contract with her former provider, and while it has taken a few months to untangle everything, she realizes the whole stressful event was a blessing in disguise.

Commitment to Clients – The Real Hero

In addition to the flexibility she has with her new system, and better customer service, Michelle recognizes the level of commitment to clients that SJS Communications has and proves regularly.

“SJS is so different from other companies. I can reach them instantly, and not just Randy, but also Bobby James, my technician, or the owner, Jamie,” said Michelle. “They are responsive and friendly. My former provider had an automated system to navigate first, and then would consistently drop the ball once I did actually speak to a person. I no longer have any of those issues.”

Michelle noted that SJS proved responsiveness from the very beginning. Not only did she receive great service during the proposal phase, but that commitment continued after installation as well.

“They would always thoroughly answer all my questions. Bobby came out regularly during the first couple of weeks after initial install to ensure that the phones were working and customized as we wanted, and that our team members were trained and ready to use the phones,” said Michelle. “We are very busy, and like most companies, we run lean, so no one has time to sit and learn a phone system. You want it to be an easy transition, and Bobby made sure that it was.”

Today, Michelle is very happy with SJS Communications.

“They continue to remain responsive, ensuring we are prepared for new hires and have our questions answered,” said Michelle. “They took heroic efforts during our move, have a focus on solving problems, and excellent customer service. I’m grateful to be working with the SJS Communications team.”

If you are ready to experience a better level of customer service and responsiveness, we would like to talk to you. Give us a call or contact us so we can learn more about your needs.


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