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Want to Maximize Telecom to Boost Your Business? Choose Cohesive Service!

By Laura Armbruster on May 4, 2016 in Hosted VoIP

In a time where we revere the specialist, the individual with deep knowledge, it’s difficult to find an organization that provides a full-circle suite of services that positively impact your telecommunications services. Today you get hosted service and maybe a quick phone call for installation. On premise means they install the equipment, but forget about cabling needs. You end up having to call multiple vendors just to complete what is truthfully one project – or do you?

Bobby James, an SJS Telecommunications technician, spends his days going from client site to client site performing any number of services in order to ensure the client is not only up and running efficiently, but also maximizing their telecom system.

“We pretty much do anything the customer needs,” said Bobby. “That includes troubleshooting issues to fixing network issues to providing training. We make every effort to provide a solution.”

Bobby knows that ensuring clients get their telecom up and running quickly is critical. He troubleshoots issues both via telephone and on site.

“Often our client truly does not know what is going on, so we roll a truck and go figure it out,” said Bobby. “We don’t make then endure long phone calls trying to troubleshoot the issue. Our goal is to get them up and running as quickly as possible with the least amount of hassle to them.”

When it comes to communications, SJS consider themselves to be a one-stop-shop.

“If you need cable pulled, we do that. If you need troubleshooting, we are there. If you are having IT trouble and cannot get that resolved, we’ll help there as well,” said Bobby. “Once I hooked up door bells because the customer needed it done. Whatever it takes.”

Making It Work for You

Bobby and the SJS team are dedicated to excellent customer service, a foundational element of the organization and one that they take to heart.

“We work diligently to get to the root of the problem when our clients contact us. Our goal is to get the issue resolved within the hour so our clients can get back to work,” said Bobby.

“If our clients need the phone system to do something, like forward to a cell phone or answering service at a certain time of day, or other types of custom setups, we find a way to make that work for them,” said Bobby. “However, we don’t pretend we can make something work if we cannot. We are always up front and honest about the capability of the systems and what can feasibly be done.”

Another important aspect of ensuring that clients get the best service is the willingness of the SJS team to work with other vendors to get an issue resolved.

“We will find out what the customer needs, and then make all the phone calls, doing all the leg work, to make it happen,” said Bobby. “It’s more important to resolve the issue and avoid finger pointing.”

Start Off on the Right Foot

It is unfortunately not unusual to have suppliers provide the bare minimum and leave clients in a bit of a bind when they go through the sales to installation to service process. Perhaps the sales guy “oversold” or perhaps the training was lacking. Fortunately, the SJS team deploys methodology that ensures none of these happen.

“We like to sit down with the customer and find out their needs at the very beginning. Our sales team works diligently to really understand the overall business focus, and then our services team will provide full training after a solid installation,” said Bobby. “We provide you with the services you need and ensure no feature creep. Then we make it work for you.”

The team handles everything from programming to installations to cabling to training as well as collecting information for the customer database.

“We walk through the entire process, and have been on-site with clients for days to ensure thorough training and installation,” said Bobby. “Our quick reference guides get you started quickly so you are using the system immediately, but then gaining the benefit of solid training to make the most of it.”

After every new installation, someone from SJS will follow up in a couple of weeks just to ensure that everything is going well. If changes are needed, they can be made quickly and easily.

We Really Get to Know You

Bobby said customers frequently tell him how much they love SJS. The reason?

“Our support is just better. We really make a point to get to know the customer as a person. Plus they are in touch with someone who knows their business and their system, so they get real personalized service,” said Bobby. “We know who they are, what they have and what it takes to make it work the best.”

Bobby says many of his clients have had to wait 2 or 3 days to receive service. But not with SJS.

“We work diligently to get to a resolution by the next business day, keeping the wait time much shorter,” said Bobby. “We also keep a variety of parts in stock so there is no waiting for a part to come in, thereby speeding up our service process and ensuring our clients are well cared for.”

Whether you have a cabling need, are looking for a hosted telecom solution or perhaps just need to have your existing SJS telecom system serviced, the team is there for you. Don’t hesitate – call us today at 817-855-2018 and let’s make the most of your telecommunications system for your business!


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