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Hosted VoIP Should Not Be a DIY Project

By Laura Armbruster on April 5, 2016 in Hosted VoIP

When it comes to providing flexibility, scalability and savings, hosted VoIP telecom solutions have it all. It provides an opportunity for many to utilize state-of-the-art telecom features without a big budget purchase. Plus, the benefit of having an operational expense over the large investment of a on-premise system makes a hosted solution even more attractive. And it’s easy, right? After all you just plug and go.


According to Randy Miears, Sales Manager for SJS Communications, to maximize any hosted VoIP system requires more than just plugging in some devices.

“We always start with an analysis so that our clients are ensured they get exactly what they need,” said Miears. “We don’t believe in making assumptions about our clients business needs, and want to ensure they have the right system and can utilize it in the most effective way.”

The reality is that most VoIP solutions are similar. They provide many of the same benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive PBX – any number of find me follow me configurations are available.
  • Disaster Recovery – having the ability for automatic failover, redundancy and rerouting calls in a very short period of time keeps your business humming along.
  • More Economical – no capital expenditure on the books, no large outlay of cash and easy to afford monthly rates.
  • Scalability – whether you need to ramp up and down for seasonal demand or are rapidly growing your business, scaling up a hosted system is easy.
  • Remote is Easy – whether you have the need to support a virtual workforce or have small, remote offices, hosted is a great solution to support those needs easily and effectively.

If the solutions themselves are similar, then how would you decide who to purchase from? Is it strictly cost? Perhaps but the differences are not that significant. Perhaps there is another difference to consider before you sign up for just any hosted VoIP agreement.

My Cousin’s Kid is a Computer Guy

How valuable is your time? Very, if you are like all other busy executives. So why would you invest in a VoIP system that the most support you can hope for is an 800 number and some YouTube videos to help you get it installed. And that is after you have spent hours researching website after website trying to determine which solution is best for your needs.

Rather than risk selecting the wrong VoIP vendor and then having to call in a favor just to get the system installed, why not choose a partner who will guide you through the process, and then ensure it’s installed and your people are trained?

“During our needs analysis, we uncover the primary business needs that our VoIP Office on the Go solution can support. Do you have a seasonal business that requires scalability? Is there a need to accommodate BYOD? Is there a need for a most robust solution, such as call center technology? We delve deep to really understand what our clients need,” said Miears.

“Then we make sure you get the system installed by our experienced technicians, who will train your team so you do not lose time trying to figure things out.”

Professional Service Ensures a Quality Outcome

When Miears and the SJS Communication team approach an engagement, they make sure that all the bases are covered.

“We have to make sure that the client has the right bandwidth to handle the VoIP traffic. In addition, we discover if there are any cabling or hardware needs to ensure the effectiveness of the solution,” said Miears.

The benefits of having a team behind you to ensure maximization of your VoIP solution are immense. SJS Communications provides training at installation and again mid-year to ensure your team understands every feature available on the system.  In addition, you will receive training for new hires to get them up to speed more quickly.

Then there is the troubleshooting. How frustrating is it to sit on the phone waiting from someone to finally answer a question, only to discover they have no clue about your specific system, much less how to solve your problem?

“Our clients under contract with us receive both remote and on-site support. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely, we roll a truck,” said Miears. “You get someone on your site delving into the issue and getting it resolved for you. That makes a big difference in our clients’ ability to remain efficient.”

Miears said the SJS Communications team also is committed to providing the best solution, and have options rather than trying to push you into a single solution.

“We have spoken to many executives who have a hosted solution are unhappy. By providing true enterprise level service, we are often able to help them keep a hosted solution for all the benefits and resolve the challenges,” said Miears. “On the flip side, we can provide an on-premise solution for those feel that is the best solution for their business. It is common for me to provide a quote with both options so the client can really see the pros and cons and make the best decision.”

The team at SJS Communications has a strong philosophy regarding fulfilling the needs of the customer.

“We go for the big need. What is it you really need to be successful? We analyze the business operations and provide the pros and cons,” said Miears. “We have the experience to dig deep so our clients will get a tangible improvement from the telecom solution. It’s about supporting the business through telecom solutions, making everyone successful.”

For more information on how VoIP Office on the Go can support your business needs, please contact us.


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